Which security camera should I choose for my property?

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During our last conversation, we discussed the importance of protecting your assets with a security system. We are always so proud to show off our new home or the purchase of our first commercial property but so many of us forgot the final step in really “securing” the purchase…. a surveillance camera.

Whether it is for your home or office JadeBrite offers a different package for every one of your needs.

Security Cameras for business

Let’s start by taking a closer look at HikVision, a widely recommended camera to provide all of your business and commercial security needs. With Pricing starting at as low as $875 for 1 camera with installation.  We can completely customize a package to suit your business’s requests.

HikVision offers a variety of features including extreme zoom allowing you to be able to view license plates from a distance, wide angles to view your entire parking lot or outdoor store front and interior domes to protect your interior hallways, merchandise, and offices.

With capabilities to expand HikVision always gives you the option to enhance your coverage for extra security adding additional cameras or storage options. Viewing your footage is easy! With an external monitor using a VGA or HDMI connection.

HikVision uses mobile software offering you a complete piece of mind for remote monitoring while you are away from the location.

Security Cameras for homes

Our home security solutions are geared towards keeping your property and your biggest assets safe, your family. Starting at just $715 you can guarantee a better sleep knowing you are completely secure with UniFi cameras installed.

The UniFi surveillance system brings convenience and complete management to your fingertips. The Protect Controller will allow the host to monitor their cameras with easy-to-use GUI software such as windows; there are no separate software applications, licensing, hosting or support fees.

Your computer browser is all you need to access your UniFi Protect coverage. Designed to be user friendly, the UniFi system is packed with advanced features such as multiple live viewing options, statistical reporting, versatile camera settings, advanced analytics, even customizable event recordings. UniFi is intuitive and easy to use for all technical skill levels.

Once your cameras have been installed setting them up is a breeze, the downloadable app provides free remote cloud access to your UniFi Protect system. It also allows you to securely access video recordings that are privately stored on your Cloud Key Plus rather than a third-party server or internet cloud meaning you will have direct access to all of your recordings, and you do not have to worry about additional monthly service fees needed by other providers.

Peace of mind and affordability are achievable when you hire JadeBrite.

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