How renovations increase the value of your property?

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In our last blog, we visited the topic of home security, how it can increase the value of your property and protect your most significant and valuable assets. Today we will look at the value of the renovation.

For every home, there comes a time that the interior qualities become a thing of the past, they are tired of outdated materials or patterns. While they may be in excellent condition, they can really impact the overall financial gain of your home. Today we are going to take a quick look at some of the most asked questions, along with which renovations will give you the most equity should the time come to sell your home.

How to hire a contractor for renovations?

First and foremost, do your homework when it comes to hiring a contractor to complete the job. While word of mouth is always a warm welcome, especially for a small business, do not be afraid to dig a little further using other platforms such as social media reviews, references, and images of past work, likewise it is also okay to ask for bad experiences in which contractors to avoid.

How to decide what rooms in your home to update?

Deciding what rooms in your home to update can be a daunting task on its own, especially if the entire home is outdated. If you are looking for a quick fast lift, your kitchen will give you the biggest return on investment at about 88% of your overall cost spent. Refacing your cupboards, replacing the lighting and flooring will guarantee to increase the value of your home and can be done in a relatively short period when done by the appropriate team. JadeBrite offers various contractors to complete the job so that you do not need to outsource for each job, such as plumbing, electrical, and general contractors.

Bathroom renovations can be just as easy in terms of time as a kitchen; however, they can be slightly more costly at the 2nd biggest ROI for adding value to your home. Bigger ticket items like tub/showers, toilets, and vanities can add up quickly, but once those items are chosen, you are looking at a gallon of paint (typically covers 350sq ft) and possibly some new flooring. However, a total bathroom renovation can be completed in as little as four days when keeping to a timeline.

Will you hire your contractor for the entire project, or will it be a combination of DIY and Professional upgrades?

While DIY is becoming very popular, especially during the current situation of the pandemic and being stuck at home, be sure that you know what you are capable of. While you can find many helpful tips on platforms such as YouTube, if done incorrectly, you might find yourself spending more money than you planned should things not go your way. JadeBrite renovation team will help you keep your budget and timeline on track.

Next time we will discuss the most popular trends in home renovations and how they can increase or hinder the investment in your home. Until next time.

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