2021 remodelling trends

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If you are like most everyone else in Ontario right now, at least one person in your household has gone from 9-5 in the office to working at home, add in possible children and a spouse, and your home office space has been cut and cut again. What was once a “major feature” of buying a family home, the OPEN concept is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Sharing a common area with even one other person when trying to concentrate on your dedicated professionals can be tricky, especially if there are multiple zoom meetings taking place, papers shuffling, questions being asked, and lots of snacks being had. No matter what your situation, you can likely resonate with the need for a dedicated “space” to work/school/teach in and you are not alone. If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that being caught up inside makes us a little stir crazy, resulting in not only wanting but needing interior change.

Our biggest trend this season includes Moving walls, expanding closets into little learning “nooks”, and closing in what were once wide-open spaces. It is quickly becoming the newest way to blend all work environments into one home. These relatively simple renovations can be completed in as little as one day when done by your JadeBrite professional renovation team.

Painting your interior walls can create such an impact when you walk into your home. For as little as $50.00 a gallon (coverage of approximately 350 sq. ft per gallon) you can give any space a facelift. It was once a common trend to paint your entire home in the same neutral tone, and 2021 shows us that people are trying to brighten up their home with pops of color.

A well-done paint job from the proper contractor will not only increase the value of your home but make it feel welcoming and inviting, even when stuck inside.

Front door, Garage Door, Sliding doors…. When it comes to replacing larger permanent fixtures where do you start? Which will add the most value? Which are the trendiest?

Let’s take a look at exterior value, also known as curb appeal. Your front door is the first thing someone will notice when approaching your home. Colorful, Large, Wood, Steel…The options are virtually endless! This season we are noticing customers requesting both the replacement of their front door with an addition of a storm door, once a staple in homes the storm door left the home trend back in the early 2000s as people felt it took away from the privacy of their homes, after being stuck inside for over a year due to the pandemic, it is rushing back into the scene offering us a glimpse of the outside world. Not only does a storm door add a sense of the outdoors inside, but it also offers protection to your main door during poor weather. A bright new door and storm door installation by JadeBrite adds significant curb appeal and cost value to your home, add a matching-colored garage door and you’re set!

Big projects can be very daunting and eat up a lot of your budget quickly, if you want to get a quick upgrade to your outdated space do not underestimate the power of the tiny touches.

Our Jadebrite contractors are well versed in simple upgrades like light fixtures, refacing or repainting cabinets, hardware replacement, and flooring. While these jobs are cost-efficient and do not take a lot of time they can add incredible value to your home. For your next project leave the stress behind. Keep things simple, on track, and budget by hiring Jadebrite. We do the work, so you don’t have to.

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